We like to be a self-sufficient and solvent foundation, so an entrepreneurial attitude is in our DNA.
There are many ways to support Fundación A LA PAR. We are delighted that you can help us with small daily actions that form the backbone of the Foundation’s work with people with intellectual disabilities.
By supporting us, you will be helping to generate employment and making it possible for us to fulfil our mission even more effectively.

There are many ways to get involved with Fundación A LA PAR on an individual basis:

Help us to continue doing our vital work for society by making a donation:


Become a member with our Friend’s Card.


By buying or using any of our products and services,

you are helping us. For example:

Buying a gift from our Fundashop

Celebrating a birthday or spending some time at Fundaland

Renting one of our allotments at the A LA PAR Allotment

Ordering your personal stationery or invitations from our print shop


Playing tennis or paddle tennis at our Fuencarral Tennis and Paddle Tennis Club

Having a drink at our Fun Bar!

Having your car washed at our car wash


Holding your wedding at La Quinta de La Muñoza


If you want to be a volunteer and take part in our work with society,

Fundación A LA PAR is delighted to welcome anyone who wants to help out and share some of their time and enthusiasm with us.

Do you want to make a donation?

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Charitable Projects

Over recent years, we have set up a wide range of activities which guarantee profits that can be reinvested in A LA PAR’s work in society.