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In 2019, over 150 people found a job, and 75 obtained a certificate of professionalism.

Since 2005, our work at the Employment Office has been inspired by a philosophy based on two fundamental principles: firstly to get people with intellectual disabilities involved in society and the world of work, and secondly make sure that people with disabilities can live life to the full, if we can give them effective support to achieve this.

To this end, our main objective is to make people with intellectual disabilities more employable and give them the professional skills they need to become more competitive in the current job market, by promoting the development of their personal skills and abilities so that they can fully participate in the world of work and society.

The two main cornerstones of our methodology are:


The acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge through “learning by doing” in which the student is actively and dynamically involved right from the start and the need to solve problematic situations is developed in them along with everything else that enables them to participate in society.


The combination of individualised guidance and support measures in the workplace, provided by specialised job coaches who try and make it easier for workers with intellectual disabilities to adapt to society and working in ordinary companies in similar conditions as the other employees assigned with the same type of work.

Business Advice

At Fundación A LA PAR, we strive for a society in which everyone takes part. Therefore, and in view of the issues concerning the compliance of the Spanish LGD (LISMI) (law requiring companies with more than 50 employees to have a minimum reserve quota of 2% with disabilities), we provide guidance throughout the process as to what the best solution could be for the company, considering its needs.

Fundación A LA PAR gives advice on how to identify needs and design job positions that companies have to cover, and on the management of and compliance with alternative measures.

Alternative measures

Alternative measures are one of the legally established options (Spanish Royal Decree 364/2005), for public and private companies with more than 50 employees that are bound by the 2% reserve quota for employees with disabilities, whereby they can opt for these alternative measures instead in exceptional circumstances.

Collaborating with Fundación A LA PAR as an alternative measure can involve:


Buying goods and/or using the services of one of our three Special Employment Centres.


Making a donation or providing sponsorship targeting activities related to job placements for people with disabilities.


Hiring workers with disabilities through a Work Enclave.

Given the nature of our work, Fundación A LA PAR and its Special Employment Centres can benefit from the alternative measures to hire people with disabilities as established in the Spanish Royal Decree 364/2005 dated 8 April to comply with the Spanish General Disability Law (LGD, formerly LISMI)*.

C/ Ponferrada, 14 – 28029 Madrid


The General Law on the rights of people with disabilities and their social inclusion, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2013, from 29 November, has combined the following into a single regulation: the Law of Social Integration of Persons with Disabilities (LISMI), from 1982; the Law of Equal Opportunities, Non-Discrimination and Universal Accessibility of Persons with Disabilities, from 2003, and the Law that establishes the regime of infractions and sanctions in the matter of equal opportunities, non-discrimination and universal accessibility of persons with disabilities, from 2007.

In its article 42.1, it continues to establish the obligation for public and private companies with more than 50 employees that are bound by the 2% reserve quota for employees with disabilities.

ALTERNATIVE MEASURES, RD 364/2005, from 8 April, remain in force, regulating the exceptional alternative measures complimentary to the reserve quota in favour of workers with disabilities.

Certificates of Professionalism

We have been an authorised training centre since 2018, imparting 8 different certificates of professionalism to mixed groups of students with intellectual disabilities and without disabilities.

  • ADGG0408 Support operations in general and administrative services
  • ADGG0508 Operations in recording and data and document processing
  • AGAJ0108 Support activities in floristry
  • AGAX0208 Support activities in agriculture
  • MAMD0109 Application of varnishes and lacquers in carpentry and furniture
  • MAMD0209 Working in carpentry and furniture-making
  • SSCB0209 Leisure activities for children and young people
  • SSCM0108 Cleaning surfaces and furnishings in buildings and premises

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