After over 70 years fighting for training, employment, independence and rights for people with disabilities, we want to continue to show that when they want something, nothing will stop them getting it. And in this spirit, we decided to set out on a new adventure.

A branch of Rodilla just like any other, but different:

you will be served by people with intellectual disabilities from Fundación A LA PAR.

We have opened a Rodilla restaurant, managed by workers with intellectual disabilities from our Foundation, where they continue to demonstrate everything they are capable of with their professionalism and know-how.

Breakfasts, appetizers, lunches, snacks and dinners .

We share every day with you in our new restaurant!

Over 100 people with intellectual disabilities have work contracts and 160 are being trained in our protected employment projects

c/Arturo Soria 166

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Contact us on 91 735 57 90 Ext. 730.

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