In recent years, the approach of Fundación A LA PAR to promote the integration of people with intellectual disabilities in society focuses on researching into areas that affect the mental health, employment and quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities.

However, the objective of this research work is not only to acquire knowledge, but also to obtain useful results that can be put into practice, provide users with better services and help get people with intellectual disabilities more involved.

Along these lines, one of the projects that the Foundation is currently working on is validating the Spanish version of the tools to complete an assessment battery of traumatic symptoms for people with ID. This will allow us to analyse and gain more knowledge of the most typical trauma-based symptoms. The main objective is to provide the healthcare system for people with intellectual disabilities with tools that allow the symptoms associated with traumatic events (anxiety, depression and PTSD) to be detected earlier and more accurately.

This research is funded by the Carlos III Health Institute and co-financed by the ERDF.

CODE: PI16/00327
AMOUNT: 27.225 Euros