What is CAMPVS?

CAMPVS is Fundación A LA PAR's higher education project for young people with intellectual disabilities aged between 18 and 25. The programme lasts for 3 school years, during which we prepare students to enter the workplace. (100 ECTS credits) Training takes place from October to June of each school year, from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 2 pm.

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General and basic training.


Technical training: Management | Business | Hospitality


6-month in-company work experience and independent living.

Additional services

Individual tutorials Guidance service (personal, academic, professional and family)Mentoring programme run by the European Coaching SchoolTraining in business environments Free employment service

Campvs was set up to train young people with intellectual disabilities who have completed their formal education and want to go on to higher education, acquiring better personal, social and professional skills.

We are distinguished for our educational excellence and the comprehensive development of students who are the focal point of the venture, supported by their families. The company’s professional staff are the agents of education and promoters of opportunity.

We work hard to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to get a job.

The project includes numerous programmes, networks and support resources, technological tools, and experienced professionals who are capable of preparing students to research into, create and fulfil their own life project.


Here you will find all the information you need to be part of CAMPVS and to find out how we work


I want to be a CAMPVS student

There are 36 new places for new students each year.
If you are interested in taking part in our selection process, give us a call:

91 735 57 90, extension 302/762.

I am a CAMPVS student

Here is the link to the CAMPVS training platform..

On the platform you’ll find the school calendar, list of subjects, homework, and everything you need to follow the classes.



Families are at the very heart of CAMPVS, so we take a global and inclusive perspective to promote their wellbeing and quality of life. Our work concentrates on creating a relational context, and makes use of family guidance, information from our own and external resources, and the implementation of support programmes.

Services for CAMPVS families

  • Family Support and Guidance programme. This space offers support and mutual assistance to parents and guardians, in which they can share experiences, discuss topics that are of interest to them, and learn from others.
  • Individual attention. The aim is to pass on strategies that will help improve how the family functions, bring about changes in the behaviour, feelings or attitudes of people with intellectual disabilities and/or in the living conditions of the family group.
  • Information about resources, services and help for families so that they are aware of what is available to them.
  • Coordination between the Foundation’s and external resources, putting families in contact with services that might be of use to them.
  • Issuing psychosocial reports to help process financial assistance or services.

Furthermore, at Fundación A LA PAR:

  • Private therapeutic care. Psychiatric consultation, individual psychotherapy, family therapy and occupational therapy. Aimed at people with all kinds of intellectual disabilities and their families.
  • Assistance unit for victims of abuse who have intellectual disabilities. Evaluation of the case and advice for decision making; Individual, family and group psychotherapy; Facilitator service and Legal advice.

¿Quieres formar parte de CAMPVS?

Envíanos tus datos y nos pondremos en contacto contigo para darte todos los detalles.


The company is one of the main agents that works with CAMPVS. <br/>We understand that employment training should involve professionals from companies who can help young people with intellectual disabilities understand the reality of working life, and so that everyone benefits from the values afforded by diversity in a professional environment.

Ways in which businesses can get involved


Mentoring Programme

Programme designed, supported and organised by the European Coaching School. Here, professionals from companies become mentors for our students, accompanying them in their professional development.


Training in a Business Environment

From the second year of the course, our students receive part of their technical training in-company. They take on board the culture of the brand, the company trains up future employees, and the training is adapted to market demands.


Master Class

Experts from various areas hold master classes on our premises, during which students are in contact with different realities.


Professional work experience

Third-year students carry out 6-month work experience placements in which they have a chance to show off everything they have learned.


Financial contribution

The aim of this donation is to ensure the sustainability of the project, and is of benefit to the company.

Business collaboration is one of the pillars on which we have built our project.We are looking for TRAINING WITH ADDED VALUE

Are you a company and would like to get involved?

Business collaboration

Main collaborators

Comunidad de Madrid - Colaborador CAMPVS
Fundación Montemadrid - C
Fundación Mahou San Miguel - Colaborador CAPV
LVMH - Colaborador CAMPVS
Rothschild & Co - Colaborador CAMPVS
Volkswagen Financial Services -


Accenture - Colaborador CAMPVS
AON - Colaborador CAMPVS
Coca Cola - Colaborador CAMPVS
Colt - Colaborador CAMPVS
Fundación AON España -
Globalvia - Colaborador Fundajobs
Leroy Merlin - Colaborador CAMPVS
Meiji Pharma Spain - Colaborador CAMPVS
Stratio - Colaborador CAMPVS

Academic Partner

Cardenal Cisneros - Partner académico CAMPVS

Ponferrada Street, 14. 28029. Madrid.


Line 7, Peñagrande Metro


Bus lines 147, 126

Contact us

Contact us on 91 735 57 90, dialling extension no. 302 and/or 762.

You can also send an email to infocampus@alapar.ong, and if you need to send an email to a specific person, look for them in the CONTACT US section.

Our office hours are Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 5.30 pm and Friday from 8 am to 3 pm.


During 2018, Fundación Carmen Pardo-Valcarce ran the project “CAMPUS: innovative training strategies and professional guidance for people with Intellectual Disabilities”, subsidised by the 0.7% of personal income tax scheme.