Our School

The A LA PAR school is a special education center arranged with the Community of Madrid that caters, mainly, to students with mild or moderate intellectual disabilities from 12 to 21 years of age.

We work to achieve the greatest personal and social autonomy of the students and their labor inclusion. To this end, it offers a wide range of training and education.

Our aims

We believe in the educational possibilities of our students with intellectual disabilities. We want their time at school to be a satisfying experience and for them to meet the following goals to the best of their ability:


Achieve the highest degree of autonomy possible.


Develop adequate self-esteem.


Acquiring the practical, social and work skills they will need to integrate in all areas of life.


Improve their social relationships and awaken interest in their environment.

Our methodology

To achieve our aims, we offer activities that are practical, dynamic, useful and relate to real life. These activities take place in small groups with a maximum of eight students with intellectual disabilities per class, and are run by teachers, educators, musicians, psychologists, a careers advisor, a social worker and a psychiatrist.

We make use of resources provided by the community to work on skills needed in real situations that our students will experience. Our activities are age-appropriate and promote values such as mutual respect and active participation in society. A strong emphasis is also placed on sport and artistic expression through music, theatre and painting.

Upon finishing school, all our students with intellectual disabilities draw up a plan for the future, whether it be training or a job placement. In addition, during their final years at school they do work experience placements in employment centres (the last year of PFTVA [training programmes for the transition to adulthood] and PPME [special vocational educational programmes]).

Our programmes


Dual Itinerary

Professional and training programmes for students from our School aged between 16 and 21 years old:

Special Vocational Educational Programmes (PPME):
  • Support operations in general and administrative services
  • Support operations in setting-up and maintaining microcomputer systems
  • Basic cooking operations
Training Programmes for the Transition to Adulthood (PFTVA):
  • Bakery and business activities
  • Building alterations and maintenance activities
  • Gardening and DIY activities


Discover your vocation. In the following links you will find the videos with detailed information on each of the programs for people over 16/18:

Special Modality Professional Programs

PPME common subjectsMicrocomputer Assistant.Office AssistantOffice Assistant

Programs for Transition to Adult Life

Reform and maintenance of buildingsBakery of Bread and CommerceGardening and DIY

Free Services

Psychology, Communication and language, Nursing, Psychiatry, Music and expression, IT, sports in collaboration with the A LA PAR Sports Club, job placement, social care, canteen (partially subsidized by the CAM)

Other of our activities

We have an extensive personal autonomy program. We carry out intercultural exchanges in Scotland, outings and trips in collaboration with public and private institutions.

We run a personal independence programme, carry out cultural exchanges in Scotland, and organise an Erasmus+ Programme in Italy.

We do many extracurricular outings and trips in collaboration with Madrid City Council, the Community of Madrid, the Spanish Ministry of Education and other institutions.

This work is complemented by leisure and training activities outside of school, where students from other centres can take part.

Other activities offered by the A LA PAR Foundation to our students:

Sports Club, Fundaland, Campvs and Compass, Employment Office and Independent Living Projects.

deportistas de Fundación A LA PAR

Sports programmes, alongside our Sports Club: 19 sporting disciplines at all levels, from grassroots to high-performance sports. The club also manages sports schools and a Surf Camp in summer.

Fundaland organises afternoon activities and weekend leisure programmes.

Fundación A LA PAR offers students post-compulsory training via CAMPVS, the Employment Office, and Independent Living Projects.

Monasterio de las Huelgas, 15.
28049 Madrid


Line 9, Paco de Lucía stop
Line 10, Montecarmelo stop


134, 178 (from Plaza de Castilla)

Contact us

Contact us on 917 355 790 | 917 355 799 (Fax).

You can also send an email to secretaria.colegio@alapar.ong.

School subsidised by the Board of Education of the Community of Madrid.