The objective of this initiative is to make the transition to an independent life easier for people with intellectual disabilities. To this end, we prepare the preliminary step that involves living in a training residence where they learn the necessary skills to become independent in the future.

Having completed this stage at a training residence, they are given the necessary support to become independent in a home that they share with housemates and where they are supervised by a professional from the Foundation.

Training residence

Launched in 2013, this house is a place to learn how to live independently. People with intellectual disabilities are given training on all the skills required to live independently. As training, we provide them with real-life experiences like sleeping and living away from home.

36 people use this residence annually.

Supported housing

In July 2011, four co-workers from the Special Employment Centre began a new life in our first supported housing scheme, breaking down barriers to live in a community. This was a giant step towards giving independence to people with intellectual disabilities. Since then, Fundación A LA PAR has made a firm commitment to independent living, where people can choose where, how and with whom they want to live. In these houses, people with disabilities are supported by professionals according to their needs.

Many people now live in this type of accommodation and have taken charge of their own lives.

Sheltered housing

This is a housing agreement with the Community of Madrid which follows a model that gets residents familiar with ordinary life. They are provided with comprehensive care that includes lodging; their upkeep; assistance to carry out daily life activities; personal, family and social support; leisure and free-time activities.

A weekend away from home and respite care

Spend a very different weekend away from your parents’ home at our training residence.

You’ll learn to do many things around the house, but above all you’ll have a great time learning to live with your new housemates and enjoying leisure activities.

Individual support at home

If you need support in your home, a professional will visit you on the days you ask for.

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