Our transparency policy is at the heart of our organisation: being transparent is not just about publishing our accounts, it is one of the principles of management that forms the backbone to our organisation and the work we do every day.

In accordance with Spanish Law 19/2013 on “transparency, access to public information and good governance”, Fundación A LA PAR shares all documents and reports regarding our structure, institutional purposes, contracts, agreements and grants.

We are transparent

We are accredited by Fundación Lealtad


Ethical channel

Ethics, integrity, honesty, efficiency and transparency in all our actions make up the essential values of Fundación A LA PAR.

In order to develop models and guidelines for the professional, ethical and responsible behavior that all employees of Fundación A LA PAR should follow and prevent criminal or illicit behavior being carried out when performing their professional activity, the Foundation establishes mechanisms for monitoring and control needed to guarantee compliance, and makes an ethical communication channel available to all interested parties.

The Ethical Communication Channel is a tool that the Foundation makes available to its employees and stakeholders to report irregularities, breaches or actions that are contrary to the principles of ethics, integrity and honesty.

Do you want to make a complaint?

Anyone who uses this channel in good faith will be protected against any type of discrimination or penalty owing to the information transmitted. However, false or defamatory complaints may be subject to sanctions or lead to action that may be required by Law.

The information transmitted will be received by the Foundation’s Compliance Department, coordinated by Jacobo Cendra, and will be handled with the utmost rigor and confidentiality throughout the process, therefore it will not be communicated to third parties (other than when this is a legal obligation). It is not mandatory to provide personal data, except for an email address (this does not have to be a corporate email address or contain a name and surname) in order to maintain a line of contact and to be able to inform you how the investigation is proceeding.

  • Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, txt.