Our history, commitment and effort are rewarded with the results of our work.
However we are delighted that this work has also been recognised and supported by institutions that accompany us in this adventure.


We are members of the following institutions:

  • AESE (Spanish Supported Employment Association)
  • EASPD (European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities)
  • AEF (Spanish Foundations Association)
  • EAMHID (European Association of Mental Health and Intellectual Disability)
  • FONGDCAM (Federation of Development NGOs of the Community of Madrid).
  • ALIANZA PARA LA FP DUAL (Spanish state network of companies, centres and institutions that are involved in the development of Dual Vocational Training in Spain)
  • AAIDD (American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities)
  • AEDIS (Business Association working for the care, support, education, training and employment of people with disabilities)
  • ANAC (Spanish Association of Employment Agencies)


  • Included in the Business Guide 2007 set up by the United Nations and one of the 85 NGOs in the world (only 2 are Spanish) known to be the most reliable for companies to form alliances with.
  • Certificate of European Quality Excellence 400+ EFQM.
  • ISO 9001 Certificate.
  • Our Sports Club has been ranked Number One in National Clubs (Competition category) by the Spanish Sports Federation for People with Intellectual Disabilities (FEDDI).
  • Fundación Lealtad: A LA PAR Foundation complies with all the Transparency and Good Practice Principles analysed.
  • Quality seal “Healthy Life Seal” in 2020, awarded by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.


  • 3rd Charity Award from Telemadrid (Madrid public TV station) 2006.
  • Short-listed for the Caja Madrid award for Social Research in 2008 with the project to include people with intellectual disabilities in the world of work.
  • 4th Cepsa Awards 2010 for Social Value in the Community of Madrid, for the Montecarmelo Allotment.
  • 2010 Good Practices Award in Occupational Therapy Centres of the Community of Madrid for the Simple Acts with Good Reasons) project.
  • 2nd Premio Corresponsables 2011 in the Non-Profit Organizations category, for the Montecarmelo Allotment.
  • Actualidad Económica 2011, 2nd prize in Education and Research for Social Work, Caja Madrid, for the Montecarmelo Allotment.
  • 4th Edition of the Incorpora Awards 2011 to AON for its work with FCPV.
  • Accésit solidario 13th Journalism Award 2012, Fundación Accenture for the office of creative ideas.
  • 2nd BBVA Award Momentum Project 2012 for the Montecarmelo Allotment.
  • Jones New York & Yo Dona 2012 Best Social Initiative Award.
  • 2nd Internacionales Puentes del Mundo 2012 Award RSC Migueláñez for its work with FCPV.
  • 3rd Fundación Corresponsables 2012 Award to Migueláñez in collaboration with FCPV.
  • “Proyectos que dibujan sonrisas” from Fundación La Caixa. La Caixa 2012 Award. Maid service.
  • Justice and Disability Forum Award, from the General Council of the Judiciary 2013 to an Institution.
  • The Caser Foundation Dependency and Society Award, 2013, Communication and Dependency Accésit Award for the work of the UAVDI.
  • 5th Edition of the Incorpora Awards 2013 Sephora as a large company for its work with the FCPV.
  • 8th Edition of the Vivimos Basketball Awards 2013, special prize for our Niño Jesús del Remedio Sports Club.
  • Actualidad Económica 2014, 100 Best Business Ideas Award for Fundaland.
  • 21st TELVA Charity Awards 2014, 1st prize in the national category for the UAVDI.
  • La Caixa 2014 Social Change Award for the UAVDI.
  • 1st Prize of Excellence Trinity College 2014 for Education in Values.
  • “Súbete al Corto” Short Film Festival for People with Disabilities 2014. Súbete al Carro Award for the therapeutic and educational use of audiovisual resources in caring for people with disabilities for the video ‘Balada Triste’.
  • Atades Award 2015, for being a Leading Institution in Assistance for people with Intellectual Disabilities.
  • 6th Premios Corresponsables 2015, the UAVDI is short-listed.
  • Solidarios del Seguro 2015 Award for the Work Training Project for people with intellectual disabilities.
  • 1st Prize for the Principles on the Fight against the Culture of Rejection 2016, for the work of the Foundation.
  • 5th Edition of the Inclusive Assistance Project Programme of the Fundación Universia and Fundación Konecta 2016, runners-up in the research category.
  • Solidarios del Seguro 2016 Award for the Work Training Project: Training in Document Digitization for people with intellectual disabilities.
  • 5th Edition of the Premios Implicados y Solidarios from Bankinter, 2016. Bronze award for the work of the Assistance Unit for victims of abuse who have intellectual disabilities (UAVDI).
  • 8th Premios Corresponsables 2017, in the Non-Profit Making Organisations and Social Economy Category (medium and small enterprises) by CAMPVS.
  • Solidarios del Seguro 2017 Award for the Work Training Project: Training in Document Digitization for people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Infanta Sofía Award in the National Sports Awards 2017.
  • Foro Madrid Tercer Milenio 2018 Award in the “Social Work” category, as a promoter of equality and the progress of Spain, improving society.
  • B-Value 2018 Award, promoted by Ship2B and Fundación Banco Sabadell.
  • 2nd Edition of the Publicidad ‘Sin Publicidad No Hay Color’ 2018 Awards from the Asociación Navarra de Empresas de Comunicación for the Best Social Campaign: “The World’s Biggest Shirt”.
  • eMove School and University Festival of Audiovisual Arts 2018. Prize in the Documentary category for the video ‘Normal’.
  • Solidarios del Seguro Awards 2018 in the category “Projects for Disability” for the initiative ‘Decir la propia palabra’.
  • 1st Cycling Values Award 2019 Motorpress Ibérica for the Tressis - A LA PAR team, for completing the Pilgrim Race.
  • Red Solidaria 2019 Award from Bankia.
  • Order of Police Merit cross with a white badge 2019, in acknowledgement of the work done by the UAVDI.
  • Distintivo Zero Project 2020 for the innovative work of CAMPVS.
  • Aprendizaje-Servicio 2019 Award for the Intergenerational Project of CAMPVS, in the Informal Education category.
  • 1st Prize Contest to promote Inclusive Theatre 2019 of the Community of Madrid, to our A LA PAR school.
  • Festival Plasencia en Corto 2019. Interculturalism and Integration Award for the video ‘Normal’.
  • 14th National Awards of the Fundación Alares for Work, Family and Personal Conciliation and Social Responsibility, second prize in the Institutions category.